About Sophia Books

  • A Complete Bookshop for the Modern Reader.
  • Bringing all Types of Quality Books Under One Roof.
  • On-line Purchase Facility Supported by a Chain of Book Shops.
  • We aim a Complete Spiritual, Intellectual and Mental Growth of the New Generation.
  • A Wide Variety of Publishers / Books Brought Under one Roof.
  • We Offer Spiritual as well as Secular Books.

SOPHIA BOOKS is a complete book shop for those who take reading as a passion. We aim a wholesome growth for such people - both spiritual and intellectual. To achieve this goal we are bringing a wide range of books published by ourselves
and other reputed publishers as well.

Also through this site we offer safe and speedy purchase facility. Apart from printed books we are also adding audio books containing talks, classes, preaching, music etc. Another specialty of SOPHIA BOOKS is a long array of Christian literature both in English and Malayalam. We have arrangements with world famous publishers to bring out Malayalm translations of their notable titles.

What is Sophia?
‘Sophia’ is a Greek term meaning 'wisdom.' The branch of theology which deals with wisdom of God is called ‘Sophiology’. Also there was ‘Haggia Sophia’ in Constantinople which was a magnificent church in the name of Holy Wisdom. Eastern Orthodox Churches denote Holy Mary, the abode of Divine wisdom by this same term Sophia.

A Catholic saint also carries this name: St Sophia of Rome who met martyrdom in AD 304 during the rule of Emperor Diocletian. Her feast day is may 15th and know as 'Sophian Tag' in Germany. There is another saint - St Sophia who also is a martyr. She was killed in AD137during the rule of Emperor Hadrian. The capital of Bulgaria has been named after this saint. September 17, her feast day is a national holiday in that country.

Let's join hands to illuminate the dark realms of mind by depressing the light of wisdom through books and other types of media. We dedicated SOPHIA BOOKS towards this goal.